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Karen Millen designer womens clothes series, fun unique arrogant.

In describing his own early autumn 2013 Karen Millen women's designer clothing collection, the designer Giles Deacon (Giles Deacon) used the "arrogant" (haughty) the word, Karen Millen waist skirt, elegant lines round neck jacket still, candy-like pink has brought a bright and warm atmosphere. Fun fun spirit and the first half of the "cold, and arrogant," a far cry from such a strong contrast and contrast, does it bring you more enjoy the fun?
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Karen Millen 2013 spring designer womens clothes large ad by the Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) starred, Mert & Marcus Zhang Jing, advertising poolside shoot, Gisele lips parted, hand to waist a plug, and anyone can she assumed the position but only to bring out the unlimited style. Many season launch with riveting small decorative clothing, especially like Gisele hands clutching the railing goes, the body slightly bent, dressed in aqua Karen Millen blue dress pictures, as if mermaid sea.

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