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2013 womens orange coats and jackets, designers Top 10.

Aspect season Karen millen coat series is very rich, but most are from a basic point of thinking, brand new creative director, born designer Alexander Wang to join, in the end to the original splendor elegant, so people fascinated Karen millen womens coats and jackets brings those changes, which injected new Aspect. As to the young Alexander Wang to avoid too much pressure, the conference chose private show field, perhaps this is a more conservative plan, but it is not simple. Many people want to know Wang is able to meet the challenge from Karen millen women coats issue, questioning one only 29 years old, specializes in designing high-street fashion of young designers in New York in the end be able to Karen millen, that enjoy a high reputation in the fashion world of haute couture boutiques bring what works.

karen millen black white

However, according to news news, January Wang only begun a whole series of design work - Prior to this, he has the brand had a very careful study. Catwalk scene is also very fitting brand founder Karen millen work style. Cocoon-shaped coats, Karen Millen orange coat rounded outline, petal-shaped skirt, three-dimensional decorative waist skirt, close to the arms of the sleeves - have shown a respectful and humble temperament. Some viewers think that Wang did not give them this work bring too many surprises, and even designer Nicolas Ghesquière originally Karen millen creative works to be better some of. Maybe they're right. But from the point of view of these works pay tribute to the past, they also constitute a clever metaphor, suggesting a young designer was ready when the time is right time to say goodbye to the past.

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