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Enjoy the sheer beauty of the natural rainforest, womens clothesseries.

So because of its exotic tropical rainforest valuable because of its original, natural, so people aspire ...... either in reality or myth always gives a quiet tropical rainforest break Italy, lazy comfortable feeling, but let them live people feel natural charm, so relaxed, so quiet, so comfortable, as if the burden dropped the one, there is no pressure to survive, people can not help but go yearning to explore. Karen Millen womens clothes mature ladies new season series with tropical rainforest inspiration for the design, emphasizing light, loose, layered, mature women for the workplace covered with a layer of pure natural beauty. Whether it is a large area of ​​jungle print or python, leopard patterns are showing tropical jungle atmosphere - mysterious, strange, original, naturally. Parrot green, olive green, asphalt-colored, beige, tobacco, red and other colors presents a deep jungle bush. Meanwhile folds cloak, strapless jumpsuit, long paragraph style silk shirt, and many other details of the design are also bright spots, loose and soft fabrics experience brings extraordinary experience.
karen millen us700
Mature ladies Karen Millen Floral designer clothes series, so professional women freed from the traditional suit with a loose shape, comfortable fabrics, exquisite detail to show a new generation of mature professional women's designer new dresses image, feeling close to nature's pure beauty. Snow women's white clothing lined with brightly colored snakeskin pattern T-shirt, with asphalt color double button casual shorts, casual to show female charm.
us karen millen600
Karen Millen women's designer clothing collection is inspired by the young women back to the 1970s most popular hippie style shows is that young girls with the nature, freedom, unrestrained. Moonlight blue, ocean green, pink and purple color with bright lines hit; while large prints off each other, with novel style design and details of the deal, the show also highlights hippie style young girls individuation.
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